February 13, 2016

Wild Horses

Cumberland Island, GA was not in our original plan but it should have been. Our next destination was St. Augustine, FL to visit my aunt and eat tasty tacos. We were a bit ahead of schedule so we took a longer route. From a fellow “van life” couple I noticed via Instagram that they stopped on this island and gushed about it. Unfortunately we weren’t prepared to camp, but I would highly recommend it so you can explore the entire island. There are 150 wild horses roaming around the ruins and sand dunes eating spanish moss. It was a cold and damp day so we couldn’t enjoy the beach but we didn’t have mosquitos. The island is a national park and quite primitive. There are restrooms but you must bring your own food and carry out all your trash. The only way to get to the island is by ferry on foot. After our unfortunate ferry ride back with 50 grade school kids, we continued on┬áto St. Augustine.cumberlandis003cumberlandis009cumberlandis011cumberlandis015cumberlandis016cumberlandis020cumberlandis014cumberlandis005cumberlandis019cumberlandis021IMG_6090