February 5, 2016

the van with no name

We are finally blogging! Due to unforeseen circumstances this post is way overdue. We intended to blog our progress with the van buildout but now it is just condensed into a neat little package.

On January 12th we headed west to Kentucky to start the van buildout. My very good friend, Alex, and his family, have lots of practical skills, carpentry tools, a pole barn and an abundance of generosity. We thought we were getting out of Maryland before any snow had hit this winter, but as we drove through the mountains of western Maryland and West Virginia, we realized otherwise. The van held up much better in the snow storm then I did.

The next day we arrived in Kentucky and for 10 days straight we did nothing but work on the van, shop at Home Depot and eat Leslie’s delicious cooking. We started with insulation, then laid laminate flooring, then put wood paneling around the rest of the interior. We are still not sure which of these steps was the most frustrating, there was a lot of cursing involved in each one. Halfway through the wood paneling process the snow and ice fell. As Phil shoveled and contemplated the last step, I cut more paneling. The final step was to install a platform for the bed and shelving. Phil came up with a perfect plan and Alex created it.

On Monday January 25th we were pleasantly surprised that everything fit so well in the van. Finally, after almost 3 years of planning, we were off on our adventure!















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  • February 5, 2016


    “My very good friend” – Kef’s or Omo’s?

    Congratulations on the successful trip start, getting through the snow, and the construction of the neat and efficient moving home base with no name.

  • February 6, 2016

    John, Tina and Grace

    Conversation with Grace while reading your blog:

    John: Grace, what do you have to say to Uncle Phil and Aunt Jess?
    Grace: I want a puppy dog.
    Tina: Grace do you have anything to say to Uncle Phil and Aunt Jess?
    Grace: I’m climbing, Uncle Phil and Aunt Jess.
    Tina: What do you think Uncle Phil and Aunt Jess should do on their trip?
    Grace: Go to Nanny and Pap’s House. And to a Hoe-Down.
    John: Grace, do you have anything else to say?
    Grace: Yea.
    Tina: What would you like to say to them when they’re going to sleep in their new bed?
    Grace: Have sweet dreams.

  • February 7, 2016


    Glad the hard frustrating part is over and your journey has officially begun. Smart move to head South 🙂 after the cold experiences you endured in the beginning. Hope your aches and soreness from the van construction are long over, and you have wonderful sceneries and great experiences.

  • February 7, 2016


    Plan on following your blog. Hope you have descent weather.

  • February 7, 2016


    Awesome job on the van! Anna sent me a picture the other day of the van all finished and packed up. Glad to see how it got to that point.

  • February 8, 2016


    Awesome!!!! Keep em coming!!