September 8, 2016


Jackson Hole is quickly becoming one of my favorite destinations. This year proved that last summer’s epic summit of the Grand Teton was just the beginning. We returned this year and I solo climbed Teewinot (while Jessica enjoyed time at the library). What an isolated experience it was. I have a much greater appreciation for the level of commitment required for many of the solo adventures I had previously read about. This time the climb only took one day. The views were stunning and after my late start it was nice to have Jessica waiting for me when I returned to the van just after darkness had settled on the mountain’s east side. In addition to mountain adventures, Jessica and I went canoeing on Jenny Lake and met new friends in the great nature preserve campground. We enjoyed good sushi, a lightening show, pronghorns, and a ride on the gondola in Teton Village.

All in all, I love this place!

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