September 13, 2016

Rocky Mountain High

Most of you reading this blog already know, but we are excited to announce we are moving to Vermont! We are very excited even though it means our cross country adventure ends earlier than expected. Before we decided on Vermont, Colorado was a real possibility for our next home. We only spent a short five days in this beautiful state. First we drove through Estes Park on our way to Denver to meet up with Phil’s friend, Victor. Victor took us to his awesome climbing gym, where we got to climb indoors for the first time all year. We then met up with him the next day in Frisco. While Phil and Victor climbed Royal Flush, I hiked up Mount Royal to meet them at the top. While I waited for them to top out I had an unexpected visitor, a calm, friendly mountain goat.

Before heading east we stopped by Colorado Springs for a couple days to visit my cousin and her family. They spoiled us and in return we pushed the kids on the swings at the park across the street. I can’t get enough of these kids! They have the perfect blend of wit, personality and stubbornness. All are too smart for their own good and drive their mother crazy. They are awesome!