August 24, 2016


Words can not express how much I loved Mazama and the Washington Pass area…

 The beginning of July was the only time Jessica and I split up during our trip. I went to Mazama with Kane Shutzman while she traveled with her mum for two weeks. We did end up meeting up for a few days at Mount Rainier because Kane and I were hoping to climb there as well. As for things in Mazama, they could not have gone much better. We had great free camping every night, day after day we climbed what seemed like endless amounts of pitches up the Goat Climbing wall and we had delicious food thanks to the Mazama Store and the nearby town of Winthrop. We even made it up to Washington Pass for a true alpine ascent of South Early Winter Spire. We saw mountain goats and summited in the rain. It was great! I believe I may have climbed more pitches in the north Cascades than I did during the entire rest of the trip combined. I loved the area so much that Jessica and I, joined by our friend Lisa drove back through a few weeks later.  The three of us hiked to the blue lake at Washington Pass as well as enjoyed a night at an amazing resort thanks to Lisa.