October 17, 2017

Josh + Libby Married

We have fallen in love with Vermont in just one short year. The snowy winters, cool summer nights and changing colors are awesome, but more importantly we have made great friendships. Josh and Libby are two of those new friends and when they got engaged only a few months ago I couldn’t wait to come out of retirement to photograph their event. For the rehearsal dinner we ate chili and cornbread at Josh’s parents house and then sat around the fire.

The wedding itself was held at Kelly Way Gardens in Woodstock VT. The gardens are part of the Woodstock Inn and Resort and provide fresh fruits and vegetables to the restaurants for a farm-to-table experience. Josh’s brother, Ben, designed and runs Kelly Way. All of the flowers used in the wedding were grown in the garden and arrangements were constructed by Ben and their mom. This intimate wedding was on a cold, rainy day, but we were all warmed with good food provided by the pizza food truck, La Pizza Lupo, and good tunes by the incredible band, The Conniption Fits.