September 21, 2016

Full Circle

Seven months and many thousands of miles later we are back where we started. We swung by the Red River Gorge for a couple of days before heading to the Porter house, where we built out the van in January. After leaving Kentucky, we had lunch with a friend in Ohio and then slept at Phil’s parent’s house in Pennsylvania that night. We were very eager to see our east coast family and friends and were able to spend two weeks in PA and Maryland. Its always surreal going back to a place so familiar when you don’t recognize yourself in that setting anymore.┬áIt just made us more confident in our decision to move on. The last year has brought a lifetime of experiences. I have a feeling it will take us quite a while to wrap our heads around it all. For right now we look forward to settling into our new home in Woodstock, Vermont and enjoying luxuries like running water. Meanwhile, the van sits in the driveway, patiently awaiting its next adventure.