June 6, 2016

East of West

I’m having difficulty coming up with the words to express our time in the Eastern Sierras. Its an amazing place that I encourage everyone to experience. We already have a to do list for our next visit. The first photo is our campsite in Lone Pine just at the base of the mountains. Phil and his brother had climbed Mt Whitney three years ago and he was eager to take me up to Lone Pine Lake at 10,000 ft. As we headed into the John Muir Wilderness I felt refreshed and alive. The trees, rock and snow took me home. We enjoyed the ice covered lake for a good hour all to ourselves.

At the base of the mountains in Lone Pine are the Alabama Hills where numerous movie scenes have been filmed. There is even an entire museum in town dedicated to it. We found the spot in Iron Man where Tony Stark says “I give you Jerico”, and Phil mimicked his pose.

Next we headed to Big Pine, just down the road, to hike to more beautiful mountain lakes. There are seven Big Pine Lakes. We hiked to Lake 1 and Lake 2. Both were covered in ice and snow and equally beautiful. Temple Crag stares at you on the opposite side of Lake 2 and is just begging to be climbed, but that will have to be summer trip for another year. At Lake 2 we also ran into two brothers hiking and enjoyed a lively conversation.

From there we headed to Bishop, CA where I got the best apple turnover of my life at Erick Schat’s Bakkery. We also enjoyed some rock climbing at Owens River Gorge, affectionately known as “The Pit” and checked out the Buttermilk boulders. Sorry no climbing photos, too busy being safe.


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  • June 6, 2016


    So happy to see snow and ice in that area!

  • June 6, 2016

    Suzie Latos

    Jes & Phil, Love the pics, beautiful. I’m so in love with this place already and I haven’t even been there! Julie and Mark brought me back a book about Yosimite and I’m loving reading about the history and the unforgettable and glorious landscape! I can see your having a wonderful time . Love you guys, Suzie

  • June 6, 2016


    These are the best photos yet, just fabulous. I’m so happy for the both of you, the trip of a lifetime- definitely! Be safe, Love, Dad

  • June 6, 2016

    Valerie Ricardo

    Beautiful pictures Jess. When I saw the tree entwined with the tree I thought about you and your husband. 🙂

  • June 8, 2016


    Mind-blowing photos. Majestic. Makes me want to go there. Continued happy trails from your friends in the redwoods.

  • June 18, 2016

    Scott Tongate

    Awwwww shucks… 🙂

  • June 20, 2016


    What beauty!!!

  • July 26, 2016


    Wish I had been there! Looks awesome.